Club Penguin Secret Agent Mission Guide

December 3, 2008

Club Penguin Mission 5 Walkthrough

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1. Talk to G, he will ask you to insert the pink fur in, accept his request.

2. Fix the pink fur with your comb which is found in the tools on your spy phone. The machine is working now, and the fur is belong to the pink puffle.

m13. Go back and talk to G, he will give you the white fur. This time, you don’t need to comb the white fur, just insert the white fur into the machine.

m24. The machine is working now. There are 3 substances detected on the white fur. They are – Hot chocolate, Hot Sauce and Jet Pack Fuel. And G wants you to get those three items.
m35. Go to the Pizza Parlor, make sure you ask the penguin for some sample of sauce.

m416. Take a sample of Chocolate Sauce and a sample of Hot Sauce in the box and place it into your inventory.

m57. In the meantime,  talk to the penguin again and select: ” You look really busy, can I give you hand with anything? ” The penguin will ask you to deliver a pizza to a penguin fishing at the Ski Lodge, put the pizza in your inventory.

8. Now go to the Ski Lodge and click the doorway GONE FISHING to enter the room.

m69. Give the pizza to the penguin which is fishing without talking to him. ( if you want to )

m710. Go to the coffee shop. Talk to the penguin and choose: ” Can I have a hot chocolate? ” The penguin will say that the machine is beroken and you need to fix it. Now choose: “I might be able to, let me take a look.”

m811. Click the machine to take a look.

m912. Place the cup from the top to the bottm.

m1013. Use your wrench from the spy phone and screw the milk tube.

m11114. Turn the temperature box from cold to hot.

m1215. Insert the chocolate sauce that you take from the Pizza Parlor in the machine and press the button to get a cup of Hot Chocolate! Now place the cup of Hot Chocolate to your inventory.

m1316. Now go to the Gadget Room in the HQ and grab the AC 1000on a shelf.

m14117. Go to the Lighthouse, grab a net near Captain Rockhopper wooden steering wheel.

m1518. Get the rope in a sailing boat.

m1619. Combine the rope and the net as a item.

m1720. Go up to the Beacon, go right and use the AC 1000 to blow the jet pack fuel to the beacon.

m1821. Use your scissors in your spy phone to cut the jet pack away from the balloon, then put your jet pack into your inventory.

m1922. Go to the Gadget Room, place the three substances into the filter. After that, take the sunglasses and put it into your inventory.

m2023. Go to the Ski Lodge, take the candle and place it into your inventory.

m2124. Now, head to the GONE FISHING and go in.


25. You should now see a shadow of “MONSTER”, but just ignore em’ place the net and the rope under a tree branch.

m2326. Place the candle in the trap you just made.

m2427. A crab  will come out and grab the candle but at last caught by the trap you made, but who knows, there are 2 of them, the other escape and left some white furs. Place the white fur and the crab into your inventory.

m2528. Go back to the gadget Room and give the crab to G. And tell him about the white fur, he will tell you to place the white fur into the test chamber.

m2629. Place the white fur into the test chamber. And the test chamber works this time, the fur belongs to…… a polar bear!

m2730. G will call you to end the mission, now RECEIVE YOUR MEDAL AND REWARD!


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